Welcome to Hardman Acupuncture & TCM

Dr. William Hardman, Dr.TCM- R.Ac. is a graduate of the Canadian College of Chinese Studies in Victoria, BC. He has over twenty years experience in Natural Medicine and has been practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture since 1991.

He is trained in and has extensive clinical experience with:

* Biokinesiolgy

* Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

* Energy Medicine using Essences

* Jin Shin Do

* Chinese and Native American Herbology

* Nature Cure Techniques

* Nutritional Consulting

* Pranic Healing

* Qi Gong and Tai Qi

William uses an Integrated Approach to healing, combining the best of Nature with the best of Science to assist pro-active people obtain their optimum health. He is the Past President of the Acupuncture Assoc. of B.C. and the Canadian Acupuncturist & TCM Alliance of B.C.

He was instrumental in having the British Columbia Provincial Legislation enacted to help protect the public from unqualified practitioners. A published author, his Health Points column and newsletter is very popular with readers.

William provides experienced, expert and caring treatment/wellness consultations at several locations in the lower mainland of British Columbia’s Greater Vancouver and surrounding areas. He also welcomes you to request online consultations which are available through this website.

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